Do yeast infections smell?

The days of turmoil, however, may be nearing their end. This is what a report says on Tuesday, October 8, by investment bank Bradesco BBI. In the wake of the most positive projections, the company’s shares rose 1.53% in today’s trading session. And they closed the day with a high of 0.71%, quoted at R $ 18.41.

Signed by analyst Vicente Falanga, the report takes into account variables such as GDP growth and local interest rates and maintains the buy recommendation and target price of R $ 26, indicating a potential appreciation of 41% for holding shares concerning today’s price.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčaromatization is the possibility of synthesizing and transforming aromatic compounds strictly by biological means. When considering the use of unconventional yeasts, the possibilities of modulating fermentation and the final product may be the most variable. These microorganisms can be used both as pure inoculum in primary fermentation as well as in co-inoculation with Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The use of genetically modified organisms is also an alternative, as is the application of enzymes produced by certain microorganisms.

The species Pichiakluyveri, for example, has shown good results when inoculated after primary fermentation with S. cerevisiae. In combination with different hop varieties, these fermentations promise to increase the levels of isoamyl acetate and isobutyl acetate, relevant aromatic compounds in beer. Williopsis (= Cyberlindnera) yeasts are also strong candidates for approaches aimed at enhancing the fruity character of the beer, as they are capable of producing good concentrations of acetate esters.

Trying to get better organized and more comfortable for everyone, I’m setting up a website. The blog structure you have been using for five years has run out. I will try to make our contact and the search for information on the site faster and simpler. Besides, in this new format, I can gradually make available some files that help the daily brewer.

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